Boris Lekar was born in the year 1932 in Kharkov, Ukraine. He studied architecture in Kharkov and received his Doctorate in Architecture in 1983 in Kiev. He immigrated to Israel 1990 and lived in Jerusalem until October 2010 when he died.

Boris was a prolific multi – disciplinary artist and practiced in the fields of architecture, drawing, painting and sculpture. His works included paintings – in watercolor ,oil ,tempera and mixed media, – architectural design and conservation and design of monuments. He was especially known for his watercolor paintings that were acclaimed by critics and art lovers alike – “This series is a masterpiece…” Yonatan Amir in “Erev Rav” October 2010.

He received the Mordechai Narkis Prize, The Prize of the Israeli Absorption Minister and Prize “Ish Shalom”. He was granted the “Site International” scholarship in Paris where he painted and exhibited in the years 2004-2005. His works exhibited and have been purchased by the Israel Museum and by private collectors worldwide including, Ukraine, U.S.A, France and Germany. He was commissioned by the Hebrew University in Jerusalem to document Old Synagogues in various countries including India and Turkey. He is considered by critics and connoisseurs as one of the exceptional artists of the Soviet Emigration to Israel. Boris encouraged tens of artists in regular exhibits in his private home, creating a rich and pulsating community of immigrant and related artists.